Capteurs controle et commande (Sensors monitoring and control)

Licence 3rd year, Ecole centrale Nantes, Generalist engineering, 2020

In charge of practical and directed workshops of the subject CCUBE (tps and tds).


Representation of signals: digitisation - sampling - quantification - analogue restitution. Modeling and control of dynamic systems
1) Analysis and characterization of continuous and discrete-time signals - Fourier, Laplace, z-transforms - sampling and Shannon condition. 2) Modeling and representation of continuous time and discrete time invariant linear dynamic systems - transfer function, state space - Poles, zeros, stability - Time and frequency responses - Sampling - Simulation - First order and second order systems 3) Control of SISO linear systems - Definition of the control problem - Towards model inversion, through high gain control - From open loop control to closed loop control. - Two degrees of freedom control (compensation and pre-compensation) - What properties are imposed on the closed loop. 4) Nominal stability and robust stability of the closed loop. - Nominal stability: classic criteria (Routh, Nyquist). - Robust stability: stability margins - Robust stability: robust stability jigs. 5) Nominal stability and robust performance of the closed loop. - Nominal performances in regulation - Nominal performances in servoing - What robust performances to expect, - Performance templates and performance/stability trade-off 6) PID type regulators. - Descriptions of (exact or approximate) PID type controllers - How/why do these controllers meet the stability and performance requirements (nominal and robust) to be provided to the closed loop.